Hurricane Shutters Installation Requirement

Hurricane ShuttersAs you are aware, we are in the midst of a hurricane season and we would like to communicate to you some important information about protecting your home and your families.  Please be advised that in the event of a hurricane, it is required that each home owner installs the hurricane shutters on their own.  Each home owner was provided a set of hurricane shutters at the time of purchase of the house.  Installation of hurricane shutters is mandatory in order to be in compliance with the insurance requirements in the event we have to activate our insurance for performing repairs after the hurricane.

The association will have a crew on stand by and will install shutters or plywood on behalf of the unit owners and all costs associated with that effort will be billed to the unit owners.  We do not know what the cost would be because it is dependent on the unit type, whether we will be installing the originally provided shutters or use plywood, etc.

We sincerely urge you to check the condition of your shutters and  if you are a tenant, please coordinate the same with your owners.

We of course will keep our fingers crossed for a safe and uneventful hurricane season.


Gate Access to Community – Owners and Renters

gsm_gate_access_control_systemPlease be advised that effective immediately, we will be advising Bluegrass Master Association of any delinquencies which are more than 30 days over due.  Over the past 6 months, we have made efforts in bringing our records up to date and we have also been requesting our owners and tenants to visit our web site for obtaining updates regarding the community.

Please note that we are taking this step to ensure that our property values are preserved for those who pay on time.  Failure to pay your dues has serious repercussions since we will not be able to meet our major debt obligations (e.g., insurance premiums), especially now that we are in the hurricane season.

Please send us an email at SUPPORT@LASTERRAZAS.US if you would like access to your account information.



Free Coupon Books Replacement

We are very pleased to advise you that we now have the capability to send you coupon books in pdf format which you can print and use in case you have misplaced your coupon books.  Please note that if you are not paying online and sending in a check, we strongly advise and recommend that you use the coupon stubs to ensure that your payment not only reach on time but are posted to your account in a timely manner.

It will be the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that payments are mailed our well in advance, received by the bank and posted and funds applied to your accounts.  If you think you are late for any reason, please take advantage of the ability to make online payments on our web site.

Starting this month of April, late fees will be computed and applied automatically on all unit owners for which the association did not receive payments or before the 10th.  It is very critical for the association to receive timely payments so that our basic services are not hindered.  We are therefore obligated to enforce all collection activities including placement of liens for those properties which are delinquent in their home owner association fees.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this regard.  Should you need a coupon book, please send an email to

Association Dues & Restricted Access to Community

Dear Owners:

As you are aware, we have completed three months into this calendar year and we still have many delinquencies from our owners who are not making the monthly association dues.  Unfortunately, the association expenses are fixed and if revenues are not obtained in a timely manner, we have no other options available other than either imposing special assessments or strictly enforcing those who are delinquent. Even enforcement and collection actions costs us and we do not want to be in a position that causes the association to expend funds unnecessarily.
Therefore, please be advised that starting April 2014, the association dues will be payable on or before the 10th of the month.  On the 11th a late fee of $25 will automatically accrue and will be posted to your accounts.  Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions for non-payments.  There are multiple avenues for payments at your disposal.  Payments should be made by the coupon book or online at
Additionally, the master association will be automatically advised of accounts which have not paid on the 10th and the access to the community with the decal will be deactivated.  Re-activation of the decal will incur additional charges and a minimum of 5 days to get reactivated.  We therefore encourage all our owners and those tenants who are responsible to make these payments on behalf of the landlords to ensure that these payments are made timely to avoid any inconvenience.
For those units and property owners who have tenants and have not paid their past dues, we will be deactivating access to the tenants to access the property with a decal.
Las Terrazas HOA

Cleanup After Your Pets and Keep our Community Clean


Dear Residents, it has come to our attention from our residents that some of the residents with pets are not being    careful dog-poop-headerof cleaning up after their pets.   Please note that this creates a very unsanitary condition for our residents and visitors and most importantly our children who play in the grassy areas and swales and in the park.   Please ensure that you clean up after your pets. 

Failure to abide by this will result in a violation notice and will be charged to the tenant and /or the property owners.  The association has to pay for these services and its costs us to maintain the areas in a sanitary condition.  We therefore appreciate your immediate cooperation with this.

HOA Dues Announcement – Moving to Only Online Payment Mode

Make Payments onlineDear Owners:  We are experiencing serious delays in processing payments through the coupon book system and the ACH mode (AUTOMATIC DEBIT FROM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT) of payments.  It is becoming very burdensome in trying to compile payments from three different sources besides paying for bank processing fees, researching fees, etc.  Therefore, effective February 1, 2014, we will be switching only to the ONLINE MODE to make your monthly association due payments.  Not only we would be able to better track our payments, it will also help in optimizing and improving upon our current processes and also be GREEN!.  Coupon books get lost in the mail and it costs for printing new books.  Automatic Debits from bank accounts require that we are constantly on top of the payments and your bank information and that is very time-consuming and inefficient.

We realize that this may not be the preferred option for some, but in an effort to ensure that payments are collected in a timely manner, we are forced to take this step.  In due course, we will also try to make arrangements to take the payments over the phone.  For those owners, who have prepaid their dues for the quarter or the year, this would become effective at the beginning of their next payment due date.

Note:  We will be calling and reaching out to each owner between now and the next month to ensure that all owners are advised of this transition.  We request the cooperation of every owner to help us make this transition smoothly and effectively.

Should you have any specific questions or concerns about this change, please send us a note by Clicking Here.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Garbage & Trash – We can do better! This is your money being wasted!

Dear Residents:

Managing our garbage and trash properly is our civic duty.  Please note that our janitorial services contractor has to spend additional time and resources to go about collecting garbage and trash which is improperly being discarded.  We cannot continue to clean uIMG_68901 IMG_17831 IMG_39961p behind those who do not take the extra step or make the extra effort in disposing the waste properly.  These pictures are indicative of what needs to be collected from around the property.  We do realize that there is quite a bit of illegal dumping going on and we are taking steps to start addressing these issues.

Please also note that any storage of materials in the backyards (specifically beyond the property boundary and in common areas) is not permitted per the Condominium Rules.  These materials will be removed without notice since it is expected that all residents will comply with these requirements.  The association will not be responsible for any materials which are placed or staged/stored in common areas which do not belong to the property owners.

Please help us keep our community clean and beautiful.  Garbage not disposed properly attracts vectors and is a serious nuisance condition.  Our costs to manage and deal with this issue is increasing and only we can help control it.

The association has also advised the contractor to selectively dive into illegally disposed garbage/trash and we will enforce this through citing any resident who can be tracked or traced back to this illegal dumping.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


Web:        Email:       Twitter: @lazterrazashoa

Las Terrazas at Vizcaya Home Owners Association
P.O Box 3346
Boynton Beach, FL-33424


Monthly HOA Dues

HOAduesDear Owners:

As you may be aware, we are making diligent efforts to address several issues pertaining to the upkeep and improvements to our properties.  In this context, it is imperative that we all ensure that the monthly dues are paid on time.  We realize that there may be some issues pertaining to the issuance of the coupon books.  If you have not received the coupon books, you have 3 alternatives by which you can send in your payments.  Regardless of the method you use, please note that the payments should be received and posted to the account on or before the 10th of every month.  Late Fees in the amount of $25 will be imposed if payments are received after the 10th of the month.  This policy will be strictly enforced commencing from next month – February 2014.


Please DO NOT send any payment checks to any other address other than the one noted below. 

Mail Checks to: (Include Your Account Number on the Check)

Las Terrazas at Vizcaya Condominium
C/O MGMT 0174 
PO Box 164651
Miami, FL 33116-4651

Make the payments on our online portal.  Click here to set up an account so that you can make your payments online.  You will need your account number in order to set up an online account.  Please note that there is a convenience fee that will be charged in the amount of $3.95 for the payment.


You may set up an automatic debit from your bank account every month.  This is the most convenient option and if you would like to enroll in this option, please contact us immediately by sending us an email at .  We will email you the specific instructions so that you can be enrolled.  Please be advised that commencing February 2014, there will be a fee of $35 which will be imposed for “Insufficient Funds” if the bank is not able to complete the transactions.



Welcome to Las Terrazas HOA

las terrazasWelcome to Las Terrazas! We have created this web site as an added service not only to our residents but also future visitors and guests who may want to consider making Las Terrazas their next home or place to stay.  Our goal is to build a sense of community within Las Terrazas so that our neighbors can enjoy the excellent environment that Vizcaya. We cannot do this without your support and participation.

In and effort to keep our costs down and at the same time to provide a better service, we will be relying heavily on the use of technolgy for the following services:


  • Payment of Monthly Association dues
  • Communication with residents

In an effort to maintain accurate contact information about you and your property so that we can assist better, please use the contact us form to communicate with us on any changes with respect to tenants and your property ownership.

Association Due

Dear Residents and Owners:

Please note that effective January 2014, a strict enforcement for payment of the association dues will be enforced.  We thank those of you who make an effort to pay the dues on time.  Please note that all dues will be payable on or before the 10th of every month.

For the present, the fees are payable only by mailing the check and the coupon to the mailing address noted in the coupon book.

We are working on being able to take the payments on-line.

NOTE:  Please DO NOT mail your payments to Choice Property Management since they will not be managing the property effective January 1, 2014.

Connecting to Community!


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